Héritage Swiss Made
Since 1974...

The know-how Helvetian is renowned in many areas. Since prehistoric times, where Switzerland stands today, workshops already made tools and weapons.
In Europe and in ancient times, knowledge and bows manufacturing techniques have progressed to the Celtic and Roman periods. The Middle Ages saw the use of different models of particularly effective Warbow and murderers.

In England and in Europe in the 15th century, with the phasing out of the use of the bow by armies, archery companies have maintained the tradition in the use of large bow yew. Similarly, shooting abbeys arc in Switzerland have managed to preserve their own tradition (Berne 1264, Geneva 1444, Lausanne 1691, Vevey 1694 Morges 1764).
Since 1974, cabinetmaker art, designer , luthier / bow maker, restorer of antique weapons, Blaise Fontannaz perpetuates the art of traditional bows high quality factor and thus maintain the tradition in Swiss abbeys called the "Way of the Bow".
In his workshops in Morges, the Bowmaking School in Switzerland  of patented there will come in 1980.
Blaise Fontannaz is also a master archer who passes on his knowledge to beginners and experienced archers. To enable them to refine their instinctive shooting, it also gives refresher lessons for bow hunters.

- L’ Héritage  Swiss Made.

Heritage is a circle of friends among them, the best school interns patented perpetuate the work of Blaise Fontannaz under his kindness.
The complete collection is maintained with the AOC.
The unique know-how in the world this factory has the quality label "Swiss Made".

- AFAS : Association of Bowmaker in Switzerland.

First and single Swiss Federation aiming to identify and classify professional bow factors but also hobbyist or enthusiast.