Association Bowmakers in Switzerland

The Association Bowmakers in Switzerland pursues the following goals:
Switzerland first and only organization that aims to protect and defend the profession in the rules of art.
Identify and classify by criteria set by the committee and the rules of craftsmanship, the professional bowmakers but also to some extent, any hobbyist / enthusiast.
Learn the trees for a good harvest with the legal authorizations in order to avoid possible slaughter outside the law.
Monitoring by regular assessments, aiming to maintain the level of quality and benefits of each member.
The association can provide help and guidance substantially.
An establishment for dissemination and promotion of members in Switzerland and abroad.
Each making bow that would not have been contacted by the committee of the association, can write e-mail to communicate and assert its claims in this area.
A capacity form must be completed and a visit of the committee will be made in the homes of workshops each register members or future, to classify more detail the real and exercised values and Comparative their claims published on their website.
The following classifications will be awarded according to the degree of knowledge and practice.


   massive-solid wooden bow simple straight factor (symmetrical or asymmetrical, always specify) with knowledge of the species (European)
* + Individual sources
* *  Straight bow with controlled techniques (TM) assembly dual reflex at the riser and techniques put in hot form, double reflex-type "Bourguignon".
* *  * Simple solid wood or assembled dual reflex bow , composite (several assembled solid wood), natural composite (sinew, horns, natural adhesives.
* *  * * Composite solid wood bow triple curvature, natural.
* *  * *  * Traditional Japonese Bow natural Yumi TM.


  Artisanal, crossbow single solid wood.
* Diverse composite crossbow. (Glulam)


C    String trade supplies (USA etc.)
* Knowledge and homemade natural fibers (animal / vegetables), single source or provenance


F    Wood Arrows / bamboo and feathers supplies Trade (USA etc.)
* Arrows wood / bamboo, single source and from house manufacturing and technical knowledge


G   Leather etc. knowledge and techniques
* Riser bow
* * Quiver, Types


L-C   glulam simple straight bow (symmetrical or asymetriclal, always specify), with commercial kit (Hobbyist).
* Above + recurve
* * Bow laminated recurve and straight, providing single source or from manufactured home in the rules of art
* *  * Laminated dual reflex bow (Celtic).
* *  * * Triple bow curvature TM
* *  * *  * Japanese Yumi bow glulam TM

The types / laminations ( Bo-Tuff) of fiberglass / carbon types of glue and bonding techniques (Tightening, cooking etc.), Varnishes (type and technical) are described.

+ Attributs :
S-T  Sub-contracting, which


   Professional  + P * (trade register)


  Hobbyist + ?

Bowmaker + link

Certifiés par l' AFAS : 

- ATS , Archerie Traditionnelle en Suisse. (1974)
Héritage Swiss made.    1400 Yverdon
Classification provisoire et description :
A** ** * + B* + L-C ** ** / C* / F* /G**  + P + H + semi-P

 - Jürgen Junkmanns. Das Naturhistorische Museum Zug 
www.museenzug.ch    (unter Workshops)
organisiert jeweils Bogenseminare mit Jürgen Junkmanns.
Wertvoll auch seine Homepage 
Classification provisoire et description : A*** / C* /F* + P

- Les ateliers de Gletterens 
Classification provisoire et description : A* / C* / F*   P+H
- Giovanni Foletti
Classification provisoire et description : A**/ C*/F* P+H

- Jean-Pierre Steiner, 2604 La Heutte BE
Les Amis de l’Arc.
Classification provisoire et description : A + H.

Répertoriés  : 

- Mr.  Cédric Chesaux, En bovery C,1868 Collombey VS.
Le Grand Gallois. (2014)
Classification provisoire et description : L-C* / C / F + H. S-T ?
- Olivier Gruiebs, Av. de la Harpe , Lausanne. ( 2012)
Classification provisoire et description : L-C*  + H , S-T ?