Traditionnal Archery in Switzerland

The Bows

The prices in the table below (see the table here) are for bow "straight" laminated, 3 differents types of reflex-deflex.

 For an Bow "Celtic" double reflex curvature, more difficult to manufacture, add CHF 200.-.
A folding bow with a hinge of high quality (Swissmade ATS, patented) stainless steel costs CHF 300.-.

The Bow  "Native American" ( black locust) has a promotional offer to 1000.- CHF
Specialties: cedar, pine, pear, juniper, bamboo, rahmnus wood of rare exotic arc, etc ...
The price of solid wood arcs is requested. Allow up to manufacturing.
ATS - Heritage can also founir on demand, and without compromising on the quality:
- Special arrows and hunting arrows
- Various wood laminations and alls Rough bow (yew).

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Lessons individual/privat instinctive shooting

Basic lesson for beginner or novice at intinctif shot (without sight) :
- First lesson of two hours outside on flat ground: technical theory and practice.
- Lesson two hours outdoors on flat ground: technical and practical
- Third lesson two and half hours in the forest: technical and practical in the wild
Full prices in individual lessons: CHF 360.-

Lessons for experienced shooters already

- Advanced Techniques and practices, advanced gestural methods
- Advanced Techniques hunting
- War Shooting Methods (average age)
- Ethnic and prehistoric Shooting Methods
- Advanced physical and mental methods (investment energy, respiration)
Two hours per individual: CHF 120.-
Tests and loan including various materials.

The lessons are taught in and outside appointment in good weather if possible.
Students come dressed appropriately (tights clothing and good shoes).

Bow Name Choice of species wood as possible for solid bows or bows glued laminated 4 laminations. Recommended wood species for wood Riser Prix sur
New Holmegaard Wych elm walnut or dalbergia -
Excelsior Ash walnut or dalbergia -
Charmer Hornbeam walnut or dalbergia -
Boar Chestnut walnut -
Squirrel Hazel walnut -
Obier Maple dalbergia -
Billard Whitebeam rosewood -
Fowler Rowentree dalbergia -
Ýdalir        Yew Yew -
Toxon Yew laburnum -
Zorro Black walnut kingwood -
Native american Black locust wenge and dalbergia -
Tradition 1 bamboo / 2 yew / 1 bamboo rosewood -
Aquarius Cypress ebony or dalbergia -
Egyptian Laburnum alpinum ebony or dalbergia -
Ainu Cherrywood laburnum -

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