Yew English Longbow / Self Bow
Traditionnal Archery in Switzerland

Collection Prestige “Héritage Swiss made”
 “English” Longbow Taxus Baccata

“ Robin”  YewLongbow ,horn Eagle
76” inch

“Diane” double reflex natural, deer antlers
73” inch.

“Morgex” Yew Longbow , horn cock


BOW solid Wood (self bow)
  All bows (asymmetric) of the prestige collection are replicas advanced bows from Swiss abbeys, formerly manufactured by Swiss Bowmakers.
The Yew Longbow  shown above are the Prestige Collection which also includes the following models:
- The model "Bourguignon" ( Continental Longbow) double reflex laburnum (the string does not touch the bow.
- "1415" - Yew WarBow, 75 to 81 inches long with a capacity of 50 to 140 pounds.
- "Lousona" - an bow simple yew for the target and the bow game.
- Artemis - a simple bow yew for hunting.
- Reproductions or creations bows solid wood according the various archaeological discoveries or ethno:
- Prehistoric archery.
- Double-reflex bow
- Composite bow (sinew / horn), triple curvature
The solid wood bows are made of yew rare mountain (Taxus Baccata) or other wood species carefully selected for their quality and with dark circles of the finest and dense growth possible.

The trees are selected or bring/prepare specifically. Branches or trunks are collected according to tradition, during only three auspicious days of the year because the requirement of "resonance" requested in these woods is even greater than that of tonewood.

The production is very conscientious/neat, signed and certified quality
Heritage Swiss Made .

All bow can be controlled according to the preferences of the archer (subject to the type practiced gesture):
  Choose from many wood species (Celtic calendar, or other), the archer of size and lengthens instinctive shooting power of the bow, arrow rest, leather handle, type of string (Dacron B50, hemp,silk ).
The bow length can be up to 6 feet 9 inches (2,05m).
For bows solidwood reservations are required and prices are on request.